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SoleilGLO can be an advanced tooth whitening system the business statements can deliver professionally brighter tooth in only 2 weeks, all in the comfort of your home-and never have to pay hundreds, or hundreds, at the dentist.

Specifically, the maker promises that SoleilGLO can help whiten your teeth up to seven shades “in only minutes every day.” How? Via easy-to-use gel and tray applications that help split up plaque and deliver more healthy, brighter teeth.

As it pertains right down to it, though, is SoleilGLO as effectual as a professional trip to your dentist? Could it be even while effective as pieces you may purchase locally? Does it truly deliver “amazing results that last”?

That’s precisely what we’re here to help you select. To start out, let’s take a look at how SoleilGLO will its job.


A lot of the other at-home whitening systems we’ve reviewed (more concerning this shortly) at HighYa use carbamide peroxide to whiten tooth since it oxidizes once subjected to air. Since it will this, it elevates away small contaminants of the stain, departing you with a brighter smile.

Instead, utilizing a 3-part system, SoleilGLO runs on the mixture of sodium chlorite, EDTA, glycerin, and cellulose gum to concurrently clean and bleach your teeth:

Extreme Whitening Gel – Relating to the company, this will deliver “severe whitening leads to record time” using the “most effective tooth whitening gel available.”
Tooth Tray – You’ll apply the Whitening Gel to both of these soft, versatile duplex trays to “ensure the best contact.”
UV Accelerator – This product guarantees to use “light technology” to provide deeper, more penetrating, and longer-lasting whitening results.

Carbamide Peroxide vs. Sodium Chlorite

Sodium chlorite (a kind of chlorine), also called sodium hypochlorite, is often found in commercial applications to bleach textiles and paper, disinfect drinking water, and clean foods like vegetables and chicken. In these concentrations, it’s typically very acidic rather than conducive for tooth whitening.

When diluted a good deal and coupled with zinc chloride, though, sodium chlorite is generally used to bleach teeth and deliver whiter leads to over-the-counter mouthwash, toothpaste, mouth area spray, and even some lens cleaning solutions.

In comparison to carbamide peroxide, sodium chlorite will this by detatching the chromophores in the stain, which is the area of the molecule that provides it its color.

Quite simply, carbamide-based whitening kits work by actually lifting the stain away, while sodium chlorite-based formulations simply change (or even more accurately, remove) the stain’s color.
SoleilGLO’s Other Ingredients

Predicated on what we’re informed on the system’s website, it seems sodium chlorite is the only active component within SoleilGLO.

EDTA is a chemical substance often used intravenously to carry to “nutrients and metals such as chromium, iron, business lead, mercury, copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, calcium mineral, cobalt, manganese, and magnesium.” Quite simply, it binds to these chemicals and helps prevent them from having any influence on the body.

Given the side effects (more next) of sodium chlorite, we’d think about this is EDTA’s primary function in SoleilGLO.

Finally, glycerin is normally used as a moisturizer and also to prevent skin irritation, while cellulose gum is a thickening agent.

Given the actual fact that you’re placing what amounts to chlorine on your teeth, do you want to have to be concerned about any side effects with SoleilGLO?


As you may imagine, getting chlorine on your tooth might lead to some pretty unpleasant side results (minimal which is teeth and gum level of sensitivity), although only in higher concentrations.

To the extent, there’s no reference to precisely what sodium chlorite focus you’ll find in SoleilGLO. We emailed the maker for more information, and we’ll make sure to upgrade this review when a reply is received.

With this said, the most typical side-effect noted with peroxide-based solutions is teeth and gum awareness, although predicated on SoleilGLO’s chlorine-based solution, you may go through the same. Again, we’ll have to hold back until we hear back again from the business.
How Much Will SoleilGLO Cost?

Just how much you purchase your SoleilGLO tooth whitening kit appears to mainly depend on where it’s purchased.

For instance, on the company’s international website, you’ll pay AU$32.95 (about $25 during our research), although the business records that “a global fee as high as 15% may apply.” Because of this price, you’ll receive:

3 ct – 3ml Peroxide Free Whitening Gel
2 ct – Moldable Mouth area Trays
1 ct – Mouth area Tray Box
1 ct – Mini LED Light
1 ct – Color Guides
1 ct – User’s Manual

Alternatively, on the company’s BellaVei website (more concerning this next), you’ll pay a retail price of $129.95, or a Leading Member ($9.95 per year) price of $77.97.

According to 1 SoleilGLO website, standard shipping and delivery “often takes 14-21 business days,” so keep this at heart if you’re pretty quickly to get your kit.


All SoleilGLO purchases feature a 30-day refund policy, less S&H, and based on the company’s Conditions, you “may be at the mercy of a restocking charge.”

To be able to request a refund, you’ll need to get hold of customer care at (877) 608-1013 or [email protected]

Note: It seems SoleilGLO’s come back address is in the united kingdom (it’s in Singapore if you order from Australia), so retain in brain that it could cost you a fairly penny in exchange delivery if you’re dissatisfied.

non-etheless, are customers round the world really “raving about the huge benefits which come from the SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System”?

Are Customer Reviews Raving About SoleilGLO’s Whitening Power?

We didn’t encounter any legitimate comments from customers for SoleilGLO during our research, although it’s produced by BellaVei, who also produces a type of beauty and anti-aging products, including Nuviante.

Not a good deal of information was available somewhere else online about the business, although that they had an F BBB rating predicated on three closed issues (by 10/24/16). Regrettably, no details were available.

While we don’t know a lot about the business behind SoleilGLO, we can say for certain a lot of its competition, which is exactly what we’ll discuss next.
IS THERE Other Peroxide-Free Whitening Systems Like SoleilGLO?

In a nutshell, yes, which you are able to quickly see for yourself by typing the term “peroxide-free whitening” into the nearest internet search engine. This consists of pens, pieces, toothpaste, and even tray-based gels like SoleilGLO’s system.

Actually, we’ve reviewed other peroxide-free whitening products at HighYa like Gemstone White Toothpaste, Luma Smile, and begin Pure.

Now, not absolutely all of those will continue to work the same manner as SoleilGLO’s sodium chlorite bleaching solution, because so many use abrasives (such as small bits of diamond in Gemstone White) to scrub away surface staining.

Whether we’re discussing whitening packages that use peroxide or various other formulation, the actual fact of the problem is that lots of options come in meaningfully less costly than SoleilGLO. You’ll even have the ability to find some for only $50, which is almost 1/3 the price of SoleilGLO.

And if you’re available to utilizing a peroxide, you’ll find some tray-based products for less than $30, a lot of which may be found locally, potentially helping you save a good chunk of change in S&H charges.

IN THE EVENT YOU Use Soleil Glo to Whiten your Tooth?

Soleil Glo can be an at-home teeth whitening system which makes big claims about its performance. The maker of Soleil Glo promises that their package is “4 times more powerful than the best competition” and provides “400% more power”. Despite these strong statements, there are no scientific tests or other information burning the potency of Soleil Glo.

Making issues worse is the shady prices policy: the makers of Soleil Glo never let you know the entire price of the package. Instead, they intentionally mislead you by list the purchase price “per item”, which is $32.95. The purchase price you truly pay is almost $170 Australian dollars.

Eventually, there isn’t enough evidence to claim that Soleil Glo works as advertised. You’ll find similar UV-based tooth whitening sets online from Amazon for a cheaper price – and with an increase of transparent marketing techniques.

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